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J&C Marketing Services

Have you been trying different marketing methods, but aren’t getting the results you hoped for?
Try our consulting services and let us help you evaluate your existing marketing plan and develop a new plan of action to help you further!

A picture says a thousand words! Are your product, company or service pictures attractive enough? We can help you enhance your pictorial communications to relate better to your audience!
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Your company may have a perfectly sound marketing strategy, but yet it may not show results – and that may be because you need an objective perspective! We offer marketing consultancy to help you improve your marketing plan. Contact us to know more!

Do you want to know more about your customer behavior, product performance, and customer preferences?

We help you indentify the success areas and the improvement areas so that your company keeps growing. Contact us now!

Branding is all about the key elements that your company uses while interacting with your clients and customers – this includes your logo, letter heads, namecards, and even merchandise that your clients and customers receive from you
(the company) and use it for their convenience purposes. These branding items help your company to create an identity with easy recognition and re-call. Quick recognition and re-call for your logo means that your branding is effective. We work with our clients to ensure their branding is strong and effective. To get your branding materials designed, contact us now.
From time to time we also offer trainings on various topics in Marketing. Sharing is caring and that’s how we care for our society!
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In the Lao Market, websites are highly important for B2Bs and businesses catering to the expats.
It helps inform, engage and interact with your key customers and it also adds credibility to your business.
Need a website for your business? Or need to manage an old one?
Contact Us!

Planning an event? Want to check if your event is in synch with your marketing strategy? We can help you with that! We conceptualize your event to match your marketing objectives. We can also help you source all the things you need for the event!

Outsource your event to us now!

In today’s era, it is impossible to skip on having a digital presence on social media. Either you build your own company profile using social media to create a perception, or some one else will review your product or service and indirectly build an image. Take initiative and build your company’s digital presence and create a perception of your products and service before others can do it for you.

We can help you build your company’s digital presence by posting regularly using Lao & English text with attractive graphics. We also help with boosting strategies, targeting and audience engagement, contact us today.

Point of sale materials is a key bridge from marketing to sales. It helps your convert a customer who is interested in your product. Usually this interest is created by advertising. Advertising is an important part of Marketing. When used correctly it can help a business take a huge leap from its existing revenues to its potential revenues. J&C Marketing understands this and has helped several clients successfully make the leap.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Videos help you express what photos can’t! We can help you record your very own video with a voice over and subtitles! You can also opt for a graphic motion video! And if you decide to be more spontaneous – we can support you with our Facebook Live services!
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